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Best Practice Guidelines

on the use of Social Media by MSUK Members

The MSA Guidelines are intended to provide best practice guidance for all MSUK Members,

including registered Marshals, Licensed Officials, competition Licence holders, and MSUK registered Clubs,

who use 'social media', which include (but are not limited to)  Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, and MySpace,

as well as internet forums and chat rooms.


The MSUK Guidelines are intended to assist users in avoiding some of the common pitfalls that

can occur and to help MSUK Members use 'social media' in a responsible way,

given it provides increased opportunities to share information.


General Guidance

=> Don't write something you wouldn't be prepared to say
=> When posting on a social media website, assume that anybody can access that post
=> Check the privacy settings of your social media accounts. These settings determine the extent to which the information you share is publicly accessible

Determine whether you are participating in a personal or official capacity and consider whether your opinions and activity are appropriate in that context.


Never share personal details such as home addresses and telephone numbers except with people that you know and trust, in which case it is advisable only to share such details via private messages.


Remember that participating in social media results in your comments being permanently available and open to being re-published by other media outlets. It should be assumed that anything published in social media will remain available indefinitely, even if it is deleted from the original site.


Respect confidentiality, stay within the legal framework and be aware that safeguarding, libel, slander, copyright and data protection laws apply.


Be aware that your interaction with social media may attract interest from the wider media, so proceed with caution whether you are participating in an official or personal capacity.


Never use social media to insult anyone directly or indirectly.

=> MSA Members who hold a position of trust and/or responsibility over young people (i.e. those under 18 years of age) in the course of their duties should be very careful when interacting with those young people via social media

Beware the temptation to use the ‘perceived’ anonymity offered by some online portals to post unacceptable comments about events or individuals.


You should be mindful at all times that MSA regulations and UK law continue to be applicable in the online environment.


Code of Conduct & Abuse

In addition to the Social Media Guidelines, we also draw peoples attention to the MSUK Code of Conduct & Abuse

Code of Conduct

10.1 The MSUK expects Competitors, and their associates, at all times to:
10.1.1 Abide by the MSUK regulations

Respect the decisions of event officials.

10.1.3 Treat all competitors, marshals and officials equally with respect.
10.1.4 Maintain the highest standards of driving behaviour.
10.1.5 Conduct themselves in a proper manner at all times and always behave in the best interests of UK motor sport.
10.1.6 Make every effort to minimise the impact of their activities on the environment around them



The MSUK will not tolerate any form of abuse or aggression towards officials, marshals, spectators and competitors.

10.2.1 The Motor Sports Association and the National Court will impose the most stringent sanction against any transgression.

More information can be found on the MSUK Website and in their publications

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