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Visitors to the MDA Business Breakfast were given a taste of rally car driving by motor clubs from around the North West.

Rally cars and a race track were the focus of a cross-border business networking meeting that took place at the University of Chesterís Thornton Science Park.


"Coulthard supports road safety"

Formula 1 star David Coulthard features in a new television campaign for Road Safety Scotland, the authority on road safety north of the border.

A short film shows Coulthard, winner of 13 grands prix, recreating the events leading up to a fatal accident and explaining how more cautious

driving may have prevented it. The clip points out that 'even the best drivers in the world adjust their speed on country roads'.


"Don't flash and drive"

Road Safety for North West is behind the film which has just won Highly Commended in the Effective Communication category of the International Visual Communicatorís Association Award. This is the second accolade the gut-wrenching film has scooped, receiving a Royal Television Society Award in October last year.

"Missing Matthew" (part one)

"Missing Matthew" (part two)

Since the beginning of 2007, the Partnership has been working very closely with the Hannon family. Mr and Mrs Hannon lost their son Matthew in a car crash - he was speeding with his mate. The Hannonís have been road safety ambassadors ever since and have delivered heartfelt presentations to many groups of young drivers across Lancashire.

The Hannon's have also taken part in the filming of their horrific real life story for a road safety DVD. "Missing Matthew" shows how the family have tried to come to terms with their terrible loss and how hard the death of a loved one can be for the people it leaves behind. The emotional film brings home the very real and devastating consequences of 'thrill- seeking' style driving for all audiences. Part II, provides a unique insight for parents and guardians on how to recognise the signs that their sons and daughters may be putting themselves in danger behind the wheel or as passengers... and crucially, how they can step in to prevent tragedy.

"Mobile Phone - challenge game"

When driving or riding a vehicle, you should not use or be distracted by your mobile phone. If you use your mobile phone when driving or riding a vehicle, youíll risk prosecution. One way to find out just how 'distracted' you become.

THINK ! Road Safety campaigns




"Camera Phone"

"Three Strikes"

"Don't Drive Tired"

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